ABOUT MicroBytes

For over 20 years MicroBytes has been building a brand recognized for its quality and versatility. Aggressive pricing and great service have allowed our network of stores to become Québec's market leaders in the retail sale and service of personal computers. Technicians recognize us as the leaders in the industry for providing unparalleled levels of service in acquiring just the parts they need to provide the utmost in service to their clients.


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  • To Contact Our Stores
    Click Here
  • Corporate Headquarters:
    940 St-Jean #B-15
    Pointe Claire, Quebec, H9R 5N8

  • Tel: 1-877-642-7629 
    Fax: 514-426-3455
  • E-mail Contacts:
    Business Relations - info@microbytes.com
    Technical Assistance - support@microbytes.com
    Product Inquiries - info@microbytes.com
    Order Status - orders@microbytes.com

    Customer Resolution Line:
    For all issues regarding customer service please call our resolution line at 438-933-2983, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.